Calvan 38900 kit with one insert

38900 with one insertThe Calvan spark plug insert kit with one insert is on sale right now for only $179.99. See the 38900-1 listing now. The kit actually has more than the picture shows. It comes with a cylinder leak tester and a DVD instruction video. This works on most of the late model 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 2V engines that comes in many of the Fords like F150, F250, F350, Expedition, Excursion, Crown Vic vans and more. For a complete list see the product listing that shows a much more detailed application list. *Bonus-During checkout just write “Tips” in the comment section or mention that you want the “tips” to representative on the phone and we’ll email our exclusive tips, compiled over the years. FYI-We started selling this kit in 2005! *We don’t sell on Ebay or Amazon – so the FREE TIPS offer is only valid at or

  • Fixes Blown out sparkplugs.
  • Repairs done on the vehicle.
  • Installs a solid bushing type insert.
  • Fixes holes that other kits couldn’t.
  • Can be done in just a few minutes.
  • Saves downtime and expense of removing head.
  • What are you waiting on? Call 800-734-8665 or purchase online at one of our websites. Remember to ask for our exclusive tips!

Snap On VS Blue Point – Made in the USA?

Blue Point VS Snapon

Snap On tools are world renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Automotive techs may not like the price of their tools but cannot deny that Snap On is typically the highest quality available. Snap On Tools are are primarily made in the USA with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Elizabethton, Tennessee, which manufacture their hand tools. While Snap On air tools are currently made in Murphy, North Carolina. But what about Blue Point? Are Blue-Point tools made in the USA by Snap On? Blue-Point tools are actually sourced from many different tool manufacturers. Surprisingly there’s not a lot of information about this online anywhere. We look at one particular Blue-Point tool number, as an example and answer many common questions when it comes to Snap-On VS Blue-Point.

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RESCUE BIT – Made in the USA!

Rescue Bit Cutting EZ OutThe Rescue Bit is a drilling bit that’s kind of a cross between a drill bit and a grinding burr. It’s unique because it can drill though broken tools that normally CANNOT be drilled. Tools have a very hard metal compound that is much harder than even Titanium drill bits. This usually means that if there’s a broken EZ-Out the chances of getting it out is NOT very good. The Rescue Bit provides a very good chance to drill out broken easy outs, taps, drill bits and hardened bolts that are very difficult to drill into.

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About HeliCoils – Pros and Cons

HeliCoil at Ace HardwareThe Ace helpful hardware man will sell you HeliCoil kits to fix most damaged threads that homeowner’s may encounter. Nothing surprising about that. After all, Helicoils are the most popular, well known brand for fixing damaged threads. Below, you’ll find 10 things that your friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware man won’t tell you, especially when it comes to automotive applications…. because he simply doesn’t know.

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TIME-SERT Distributor – All of the USA

Time Sert J-42385-300 2DenLors Tools which sells on and is an authorized Time Sert East Coast Distributor, Florida to be precise,  that supplies all of the United States (and Canada). is equipped to take orders online or by phone for Canada orders. DenLors and Wise offer Free Next Day Shipping on many of the larger more common thread repair kits. See the product listing to see if the particular kit you need qualifies. Continue reading TIME-SERT Distributor – All of the USA

Raul Castro Wins Small Town USA Car Show – Dade City Cruise-in

Castro Winner Local Car ShowRecent improvements in US- Cuban relations is sure to promote more than tourism and trade. It’s also allowed Raul Castro, the current leader of Cuba, to take part in a recent car show in Dade City Florida which is usually off-limits to most Cubans. Due to President Obama’s recent loosening of the embargo and travel restrictions with Cuba, Raul Castro was issued a travel permit to attend an event in Dade City Florida. He entered one of his daily driver’s, a 1946 Ford Coupe, into the Dade City Cruise-in classic car show.

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Time Sert 5600 in Use Video – Say no to

Time Sert 5600 in useThe Time Sert 5600 is able to fix spark plugs threads that previously were not repairable. has been charging Ford vehicle owners $800 plus expenses to fly across the United States and fix the threads with a solid bushing insert. Although this may still be less expensive than replacing the head, it’s simply unnecessary with the Time Sert 5600 available with free next day shipping within the Continental USA. When parts store brand thread repair kits fail like Sav-a-Thread or Helicoil, or Lisle etc; sometimes lasting a while (and blowing out again) or until the next spark plug change coming out with the plug in a mangled mess. Continue reading Time Sert 5600 in Use Video – Say no to

Lisle 48300 GM Rocker Arm Remover – Saves Threads!

Lisle 48300 USA BlogI loved my Lisle 48500 pushrod remover when doing intake gaskets on GM 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 Liter engines found on a variety on GM vehicles like Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Chevy’s. The tool was thin and sometimes the spot welds would break if excess force was applied. Now Lisle has updated the tool to be much stronger and have a wider range of engines that it will work on. It saves thread wear on aluminum heads.

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Lisle 28600 Rear Disc Brake Piston Retraction Tool Info

Lisle 28600How many times have you started a project just to find out you weren’t prepared for the task at hand?  Well, if you’re anything like me you think you’re prepared and quickly find out that is indeed not the case.  There are plenty of automotive repairs that are simple enough that even an untrained individual can achieve success and save money.  Most do-it-yourselfers are quickly learning that they CAN do many jobs themselves. That’s just what I want to touch on today. I want to show how one little tool can help may people be successful, when it comes to a vehicles rear disc brake pad replacement.

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