TIME SERT Thread Repair Kits Made in the USA

Buy American TSOh by the way, yes you’ve guessed it. Time Sert is made in America and is one of our best selling tool brands. Made in America, means that the thread repair kits that Time Sert makes are consistently the best quality available. That’s exactly what you want when you’re about to drill into an engine block or cylinder head! We are are impressed with the quality and are happy to sell tools whenever possible that are made right here in the USA.

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Lisle 69300 Fuse and Relay Tester for Use with Meter

Lisle 69300 Fuse and Relay TesterThe Lisle Corporation in Clarinda, Iowa USA has done it again with their model 69300 master relay and fused circuit test kit. The LIS69300 made in America, can be used with your DMM (digital multi-meter) or DVOM (digital volt ohm meter) to do a wide range of tests on todays automotive electrical circuits and relays. Many techs also use this kit in conjunction with their Power Probe. The electrical jumper wires and case alone make this kit worth it’s weight in gold. But that’s just part of the kit.

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Made in the USA – Lisle Bearing Race Installer

Lisle Made in USA Bearing Race Installer
This is a quality set made by Lisle Tool corporation which only has USA made tools. I like that Lisle has kept their manufacturing facilities in the USA. Not too many successful tool companies have been able to make it without reducing costs by going overseas. Kudos to Lisle for that. This aluminum kit has softer components than the bearing races by design. You don’t want to mar the surface of the races where the bearings ride. If installing a bearing race in a brake rotor, I like to sit on the floor with my legs under me, thighs touching my calves. Then place the rotor on top of my legs. Then you can use a hammer, the shaft included in the kit with the closest fitting adapter and get a real feel for what the race is doing. Of course the top of the shaft will mushroom a little during normal use. This is normal and won’t hurt the function of the tool. If the driver end was too hard their would be a risk of chips flying and possibly injuring someone.

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Info on Rescue Bits to Remove Broken Easy Outs

Rescue Bits are Made in the USAThe Rescue Bit is made in the USA. What does it do? Why would anyone care? The Rescue Bit can drill and ream out broken tools that were never intended to be drilled. Anyone that’s broken a tool and has spent hours trying to remove it will appreciate what the Rescue Bit is capable of. The Rescue Bit would not be the same product made anywhere else. Mike Gresham which is the Co-Founder/Co-Inventor of the company refuses to compromise on the quality of his baby. He refused a million dollar sweetheart deal, from a company that wanted to move the manufacturing overseas. Sure the price may have gone down a little, but more importantly, the quality is what would’ve suffered. Mike says the quality of the Tungsten Carbide material sampled from China was way under par compared to the USA’s. And without the very best material the Rescue Bit wouldn’t have done the job. Be sure to see the video with the Rescue Bit in action – linked below.

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Ford Spark Plug Tools

Calvan Spark Plug Tool


Fords have more problems with spark plugs than any other car manufacturer. If Ford spark plugs aren’t blowing out they are breaking out when being removed. Typically the vehicles that have had problems with the spark plugs ejecting themselves at random times while driving down the road was from around 1996 to around 2003. Some 2004′s with 3 valve engines to around 2008 have a problem of not coming out in one piece. Breaking when being removed. Calvan (Horizon Tools) is an American tool company that uses some globally sourced parts in their kits, but the company itself is. The picture above is of a Calvan Ford spark plug removal tool which is a specialty tool that removes the spark plugs in 3V engines. Continue reading

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Time Fastener AKA Time Sert

Time Fastener also known as “Time Sert” They are one of the first companies to manufacturer thread repair kits for automotive applications. The company was started back in 1972 in Nevada. It is still located there today. The Time Sert company has consistently added new products to their lineup over the years making their offering one of the largest in the thread repair niche. Continue reading

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Visual Optics – Inspection Scopes Made in USA

Electronics are very hard to find that are made in the USA. Visual Optics is a rare find. They are an American company which manufactures their products right here in the USA. They are located in Wynnewood Oklahoma and are one of the first companies that has produced a reasonably priced inspection scope for mechanics and marine use. They have been copied by China and others, however they still continue to stick to their principles and produce their products here in America. Continue reading

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Robinair Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment

SPX’s Robinair is one of the most popular and well known brands when it comes to automotive A/C (Air Conditioning) tools and equipment. Robinair’s manufacturing plant and where they assemble their products is located in Owatonna, Minnesota. Most of Robinair’s products are made in the USA. Although, some components are manufactured by other companies to their specification. Some of these vendors are based in the USA and some outside the US.

Did you know the name Robinair which has “air” in the name was created BEFORE the the owner’s ever thought of producing air conditioning tools and equipment?

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Drip Slipper for Automotive and Airplane Service

Made in America, the Drip Slipper is a large drain pan which covers a large area underneath a car. It easily rolls underneath and can handle up to ten gallons of fluid. Terrific for catching coolant when servicing head gaskets, water pumps etc. This drip pan can even handle very harsh jet fuel which is why they are a popular choice for the United States Air Force. Not every drip pan can cover such a large area and handle fuels and hydraulic fluid. Continue reading

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OTC 1783 20 Ton Jack Stand – Made in America

The OTC 1783 is a heavy duty jack stand that withstands 40,000 pounds! Anytime when someone is supporting a vehicle of any size, it’s important to take certain safety precautions. Even more-so, when supporting such heavy weights like the OTC1783 can handle. Heavy duty mechanics working on trucks or heavy earth moving equipment can’t go wrong with this very strong “made in USA”. See the parts list and operating instructions below. Continue reading

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