Lisle 28600 Rear Disc Brake Piston Retraction Tool Info

Lisle 28600How many times have you started a project just to find out you weren’t prepared for the task at hand?  Well, if you’re anything like me you think you’re prepared and quickly find out that is indeed not the case.  There are plenty of automotive repairs that are simple enough that even an untrained individual can achieve success and save money.  Most do-it-yourselfers are quickly learning that they CAN do many jobs themselves. That’s just what I want to touch on today. I want to show how one little tool can help may people be successful, when it comes to a vehicles rear disc brake pad replacement.

The Lisle LIS28600 rear brake piston retraction tool can very well become a lifesaver. When doing repair work such as replacing a brake rotor or brake pads for rear disc brakes; One of the most common problems that weekend mechanics run into is that the pistons in rear brake calipers don’t simply push back into the caliper like front ones. The piston has to be turned while it’s being pushed. This has to be done to make room to install the new pads. If you can even get the pads in place without retracting the piston, you’d never get the caliper and pad assembly over the caliper.

The gap would just be too small. This could stop any would be weekend mechanic cold in their tracks. However, with the LIS28600 disc brake tool, a 3/8″ ratchet and a common socket extension the brake job can be done. Of course there are more expensive rear brake tools, some that we’ve covered here on the USA-Auto Tool Blog; but with a little muscle and sometimes cracking the bleeder screw, to relieve some presssure, the inexpensive 28600 is all that’s needed to get most rear disc brake jobs done.  

The Lise corporation is an American company and has been in business since the early 1900’s. All of their tools are manufactured using the highest quality materials and they are proud to say Made In The USA.   Lisle says this about the 28600:

Rotates piston back into the caliper when replacing rear brake pads. This six-sided tool now fits more applications. Fits most domestic and some import applications. Push and turn tool to rotate piston into caliper. Use with 3/8″ ratchet and extension.

This simple little tool (LIS 28600 Rear Brake Piston Retraction Tool) can sure make a tremendous difference and certainly can assist you getting your vehicle back on the road again… so goes the song…

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