RESCUE BIT – Made in the USA!

Rescue Bit Cutting EZ OutThe Rescue Bit is a drilling bit that’s kind of a cross between a drill bit and a grinding burr. It’s unique because it can drill though broken tools that normally CANNOT be drilled. Tools have a very hard metal compound that is much harder than even Titanium drill bits. This usually means that if there’s a broken EZ-Out the chances of getting it out is NOT very good. The Rescue Bit provides a very good chance to drill out broken easy outs, taps, drill bits and hardened bolts that are very difficult to drill into.

While the Rescue Bit is not a cure-all, it is an option for someone in a bad situation that has ran out of other options to get a broken tool out and save the day! Below are a several product reviews for the Rescue Bit. To maintain high quality, the Rescue Bit is proudly made in the USA. Also check out the videos for more information. The Rescue Bit Broken Tooling Extractors are available at and or you can call to order at 800-524-9783. You’ll be glad you did.

Saves 1000 Gal. Propane Tank 5 Star Review

  • Posted by Neil E. on 3rd Jul 2015

    Saved the 1000 gal tank by drilling out broken easy out from gauge attachment hold. Great tool worked when nothing else would.

  • This saved my skin 5 Star Review

    Posted by Simon on 22nd Feb 2015

    I had drilled out the two 45 year stuck exhaust studs beautifully, tapped one hole and was just finishing tapping the second. One more turn, just a bit more… and I snapped the tap, clean off and locked in the hole. of course, undrillable material right?! When the Rescue Bit arrived, I had the tap out in less than 10 mins. I didn’t believe it would be as good as it was. I have kept a spare Rescue Bit in my toolkit for next time…

  • The Rescue Bit works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Ralph Lee on 13th Feb 2015

    The Rescue Bit preformed as advertised. I saved the extracted E-Z Out to show my friends how the Rescue Bit drilled right through the middle of it!

  • Amazing tool!! 5 Star Review

Posted by jamie mackinnon on 30th Aug 2014

Rescue bit preformed exactly like they said it would! Amazing tool! thank you!!

  • Truely a bit to the RESCUE 5 Star Review

    Posted by Jim E Cincinnati on 22nd May 2014

    Had worked for days to remove a hardened steel bolt from an engine. Got nowhere with cobalt or titanium drill bits. Used the rescue bit and in two short minutes was one to one half inches into the bolt without hardly any pressure on the drill. Tap out was used with little work and the old broken bolt was out. Thanks Wise Auto Tools!

  • The Only Choice 5 Star Review

    Posted by Jim S on 21st Jun 2014

    I tried all types of drill bits to try to dent the sheared easy out to no success, An internet search turned up a rescue bit. Well worth the purchase as it sliced through that tool steel with little effort . The bit did not heat up and when the job was done it returned to my tool box undamaged , A wise purchase,
    Stephen O’Donnell
    Calgary Alberta Canada

  • Broken Easy-out & Bolt in 454 Marine Exhaust Manifold 5 Star Review

    Posted by John P on 13th Sep 2015

    I had a broken exhaust manifold bolt in my 30ft Scarab boat, I used an easy out to remove the broken bolt after drilling out the centre of the broken bolt. However, the easy out broke and I had a broken bolt and a broken easy out in the broken bolt, disaster and despair. I purchased the 1/4 x 3″ & the 1/8 x 3″ Rescue Bits. I tried composite drill bits that would not scratch the hardened steel of the broken easy out. The Rescue (double ended) drill bit cut through the easy out like butter with a hot knife. I highly recommend using this fantastic product.

    Cheers John,
    Sydney NSW Australia
    AAA+++ :>))

  • Really Works 4 Star Review

    Posted by Eliseo A. on 25th Jul 2015

    The rescue bit did was it was suppose to do! It did break on one end but was able to use the good end to remove the broken extractor with no further problem. Also customer service is great !!

  • Works Great! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Ron Y on 30th May 2015

    I had a broken extractor, the Rescue Bit worked exactly as advertised, I drilled through it with no problems and the broken extractor is removed! – Accepts orders within the USA – Accepts orders within the USA and outside USA