Snap On VS Blue Point – Made in the USA?

Blue Point VS Snapon

Snap On tools are world renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Automotive techs may not like the price of their tools but cannot deny that Snap On is typically the highest quality available. Snap On Tools are are primarily made in the USA with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Elizabethton, Tennessee, which manufacture their hand tools. While Snap On air tools are currently made in Murphy, North Carolina. But what about Blue Point? Are Blue-Point tools made in the USA by Snap On? Blue-Point tools are actually sourced from many different tool manufacturers. Surprisingly there’s not a lot of information about this online anywhere. We look at one particular Blue-Point tool number, as an example and answer many common questions when it comes to Snap-On VS Blue-Point.

Here’s an example of a Blue-Point tool, # FRT10. It’s a Ford spark plug thread repair kit that fixes a common Ford spark plug blowout problem. Snap On labels it as Blue-Point and says that it’s made in the USA. In fact the FRT10 is actually supplied to Snap On by the Horizon Tool Co., which created this kit originally. The Snap On FRT10 is the same as the Calvan 38900. In fact the DVD instruction video is even identical. Inside the lid, the words appear “Assembled in the USA with global components”. So, it’s as much American made as a modern Chevy. Yes, that means at least some of the components are imported. With that being said, the Snap On Blue Point FRT10 or the Calvan 38900 which is the same product, is a very good quality kit. Below are some common questions.

Question – Does Horizon Tools make all of Snap On’s Blue-Point line?

Answer – No. Horizon makes a few tool SKU numbers for Snap On to be sold as Blue Point but there are many different manufacturers.

Question – Are Blue Point tools made in Japan?

Answer – For the answer to this, each individual Blue Point tool will need to be researched. This can prove to be a difficult task. If on the Snap On website, you can click on “specifications” and the Country of Origin is listed. But in the case of the Calvan kit, example above there can be a grey area sometimes.

Question – Are Blue Point tools as good as Snap-On?

Answer – This varies. The quality of Blue Point tools varies with each sku number. This is because the manufacturer may be different from one Blue Point Tool to another.

In conclusion: Snap On and Blue Point are good choices when it comes to good quality automotive tools. Snap On, is obviously more pricey for a reason. Blue Point tools can often be found for a much lower cost with a different label. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth paying for the name!