About HeliCoils – Pros and Cons

HeliCoil at Ace HardwareThe Ace helpful hardware man will sell you HeliCoil kits to fix most damaged threads that homeowner’s may encounter. Nothing surprising about that. After all, Helicoils are the most popular, well known brand for fixing damaged threads. Below, you’ll find 10 things that your friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware man won’t tell you, especially when it comes to automotive applications…. because he simply doesn’t know.

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Ford Spark Plug Tools

Calvan Spark Plug Tool


Fords have more problems with spark plugs than any other car manufacturer. If Ford spark plugs aren’t blowing out they are breaking out when being removed. Typically the vehicles that have had problems with the spark plugs ejecting themselves at random times while driving down the road was from around 1996 to around 2003. Some 2004’s with 3 valve engines to around 2008 have a problem of not coming out in one piece. Breaking when being removed. Calvan (Horizon Tools) is an American tool company that uses some globally sourced parts in their kits, but the company itself is. The picture above is of a Calvan Ford spark plug removal tool which is a specialty tool that removes the spark plugs in 3V engines. Continue reading Ford Spark Plug Tools

Emhart, AKA Heli-Coil Thread Repair Kits – Manufactured in the USA

A HeliCoil is a thin coil of wire that that is inserted into a drilled and tapped hole to restore the threads back to the original size threads, this way it accepts the original size bolt. It is ┬átypically installed with a special installation tool. Then an installation tang that allows the tool to stop in the insert, is broken and removed. The detailed instructions are linked at the bottom of the article. The Heli-Coil brand is undoubtedly the most common name when it comes to thread repair kits and inserts for repairing damaged, worn, missing or stripped threads. Continue reading Emhart, AKA Heli-Coil Thread Repair Kits – Manufactured in the USA