OTC 1783 20 Ton Jack Stand – Made in America

The OTC 1783 is a heavy duty jack stand that withstands 40,000 pounds! Anytime when someone is supporting a vehicle of any size, it’s important to take certain safety precautions. Even more-so, when supporting such heavy weights like the OTC1783 can handle. Heavy duty mechanics working on trucks or heavy earth moving equipment can’t go wrong with this very strong “made in USA”. See the parts list and operating instructions below. Continue reading OTC 1783 20 Ton Jack Stand – Made in America

OTC Tools American Made?

OTC (Owatonna Tool Company) is a large car and truck tool and shop equip. manufacturer. OTC manufactures automotive electronic diagnostic tools like scan tool equipment, automotive fuel system maintenance tools including fuel injector cleaning kits, auto shop equipment like floor jacks, specialty tools designed to do very specific jobs, hand tools like pliers. pullers etc, presses, line up kits, heavy duty tools and hydraulic equipment for the automotive repair industry. Continue reading OTC Tools American Made?