RESCUE BIT – Made in the USA!

Rescue Bit Cutting EZ OutThe Rescue Bit is a drilling bit that’s kind of a cross between a drill bit and a grinding burr. It’s unique because it can drill though broken tools that normally CANNOT be drilled. Tools have a very hard metal compound that is much harder than even Titanium drill bits. This usually means that if there’s a broken EZ-Out the chances of getting it out is NOT very good. The Rescue Bit provides a very good chance to drill out broken easy outs, taps, drill bits and hardened bolts that are very difficult to drill into.

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Info on Rescue Bits to Remove Broken Easy Outs

Rescue Bits are Made in the USAThe Rescue Bit is made in the USA. What does it do? Why would anyone care? The Rescue Bit can drill and ream out broken tools that were never intended to be drilled. Anyone that’s broken a tool and has spent hours trying to remove it will appreciate what the Rescue Bit is capable of. The Rescue Bit would not be the same product made anywhere else. Mike Gresham which is the Co-Founder/Co-Inventor of the company refuses to compromise on the quality of his baby. He refused a million dollar sweetheart deal, from a company that wanted to move the manufacturing overseas. Sure the price may have gone down a little, but more importantly, the quality is what would’ve suffered. Mike says the quality of the Tungsten Carbide material sampled from China was way under par compared to the USA’s. And without the very best material the Rescue Bit wouldn’t have done the job. Be sure to see the video with the Rescue Bit in action – linked below.

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