Snap On VS Blue Point – Made in the USA?

Blue Point VS Snapon

Snap On tools are world renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Automotive techs may not like the price of their tools but cannot deny that Snap On is typically the highest quality available. Snap On Tools are are primarily made in the USA with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Elizabethton, Tennessee, which manufacture their hand tools. While Snap On air tools are currently made in Murphy, North Carolina. But what about Blue Point? Are Blue-Point tools made in the USA by Snap On? Blue-Point tools are actually sourced from many different tool manufacturers. Surprisingly there’s not a lot of information about this online anywhere. We look at one particular Blue-Point tool number, as an example and answer many common questions when it comes to Snap-On VS Blue-Point.

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Lisle 69300 Fuse and Relay Tester for Use with Meter

Lisle 69300 Fuse and Relay TesterThe Lisle Corporation in Clarinda, Iowa USA has done it again with their model 69300 master relay and fused circuit test kit. The LIS69300 made in America, can be used with your DMM (digital multi-meter) or DVOM (digital volt ohm meter) to do a wide range of tests on todays automotive electrical circuits and relays. Many techs also use this kit in conjunction with their Power Probe. The electrical jumper wires and case alone make this kit worth it’s weight in gold. But that’s just part of the kit.

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Made in the USA – Lisle Bearing Race Installer

Lisle Made in USA Bearing Race Installer
This is a quality set made by Lisle Tool corporation which only has USA made tools. I like that Lisle has kept their manufacturing facilities in the USA. Not too many successful tool companies have been able to make it without reducing costs by going overseas. Kudos to Lisle for that. This aluminum kit has softer components than the bearing races by design. You don’t want to mar the surface of the races where the bearings ride. If installing a bearing race in a brake rotor, I like to sit on the floor with my legs under me, thighs touching my calves. Then place the rotor on top of my legs. Then you can use a hammer, the shaft included in the kit with the closest fitting adapter and get a real feel for what the race is doing. Of course the top of the shaft will mushroom a little during normal use. This is normal and won’t hurt the function of the tool. If the driver end was too hard their would be a risk of chips flying and possibly injuring someone.

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Visual Optics – Inspection Scopes Made in USA

Electronics are very hard to find that are made in the USA. Visual Optics is a rare find. They are an American company which manufactures their products right here in the USA. They are located in Wynnewood Oklahoma and are one of the first companies that has produced a reasonably priced inspection scope for mechanics and marine use. They have been copied by China and others, however they still continue to stick to their principles and produce their products here in America. Continue reading Visual Optics – Inspection Scopes Made in USA