About HeliCoils – Pros and Cons

HeliCoil at Ace HardwareThe Ace helpful hardware man will sell you HeliCoil kits to fix most damaged threads that homeowner’s may encounter. Nothing surprising about that. After all, Helicoils are the most popular, well known brand for fixing damaged threads. Below, you’ll find 10 things that your friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware man won’t tell you, especially when it comes to automotive applications…. because he simply doesn’t know.

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TIME-SERT Distributor – All of the USA

Time Sert J-42385-300 2DenLors Tools which sells on DenLorsTools.com and WiseAutoTools.com is an authorized Time Sert East Coast Distributor, Florida to be precise,  that supplies all of the United States (and Canada). WiseAutoTools.com is equipped to take orders online or by phone for Canada orders. DenLors and Wise offer Free Next Day Shipping on many of the larger more common thread repair kits. See the product listing to see if the particular kit you need qualifies. Continue reading TIME-SERT Distributor – All of the USA

Time Sert 5600 in Use Video – Say no to Blownoutsparkplug.com

Time Sert 5600 in useThe Time Sert 5600 is able to fix spark plugs threads that previously were not repairable. Blownoutsparkplug.com has been charging Ford vehicle owners $800 plus expenses to fly across the United States and fix the threads with a solid bushing insert. Although this may still be less expensive than replacing the head, it’s simply unnecessary with the Time Sert 5600 available with free next day shipping within the Continental USA. When parts store brand thread repair kits fail like Sav-a-Thread or Helicoil, or Lisle etc; sometimes lasting a while (and blowing out again) or until the next spark plug change coming out with the plug in a mangled mess. Continue reading Time Sert 5600 in Use Video – Say no to Blownoutsparkplug.com

TIME SERT Thread Repair Kits Made in the USA

Buy American TSOh by the way, yes you’ve guessed it. Time Sert is made in America and is one of our best selling tool brands. Made in America, means that the thread repair kits that Time Sert makes are consistently the best quality available. That’s exactly what you want when you’re about to drill into an engine block or cylinder head! We are are impressed with the quality and are happy to sell tools whenever possible that are made right here in the USA.

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Time Fastener AKA Time Sert

Time Fastener also known as “Time Sert” They are one of the first companies to manufacturer thread repair kits for automotive applications. The company was started back in 1972 in Nevada. It is still located there today. The Time Sert company has consistently added new products to their lineup over the years making their offering one of the largest in the thread repair niche. Continue reading Time Fastener AKA Time Sert