Lisle 28600 Rear Disc Brake Piston Retraction Tool Info

Lisle 28600How many times have you started a project just to find out you weren’t prepared for the task at hand?  Well, if you’re anything like me you think you’re prepared and quickly find out that is indeed not the case.  There are plenty of automotive repairs that are simple enough that even an untrained individual can achieve success and save money.  Most do-it-yourselfers are quickly learning that they CAN do many jobs themselves. That’s just what I want to touch on today. I want to show how one little tool can help may people be successful, when it comes to a vehicles rear disc brake pad replacement.

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Lisle 55700 Fuel Injector Pressure Test Master Kit info.

55700How important is the fuel pressure in a vehicle? I’m sure you aren’t losing sleep over this question unless you’ve got a fuel pressure related issue, but in order for a vehicle to run properly, correct fuel pressure is crucial.  Not only for allowing fuel to get to the fuel injectors or carburetor, but to also maintain the performance level expected. Some drive-ability symptoms that may indicate a problem with low fuel pressure could be things like; stalling, lack of power when going up hill and backfiring when accelerating just to name a few.

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Lisle LIS 65000 Deep Hole Aluminum Head M14x1.25 Spark Plug Hole Repair Kit

65000I think for the most part (if possible) we like to do our own auto repairs. Today, saving time and money is very important.  Having the proper tools for the easy jobs can  make life a little easier and definitely less stressful. That’s why I want to tell you about the Lisle LIS65000 Deep Hole Spark Plug Repair Kit.  Most of us are keeping our vehicles longer and regular preventive maintenance keeps us on the road.

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Lisle 31000 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool – Every Tool Box Needs One

magnetic toolThe little tool that can. Yes, the Lisle LIS31000 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool fits that description to a T and is one of the most important must have automotive tools that you could have in the tool box. This American Made  powerhouse of a tool can and will be a life saver in the event you would ever need it. Just imagine you’re under the hood and you just dropped one of the screws that holds the air box together.

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Lisle Specialty Tools – 15000 Engine Cylinder Hone 2-3/4 to 10-1/4″

15000There are numerous reasons as to why your vehicle has increased oil consumption and you would have to go through a check list to determine what it truly is. However, I would like to address one of the possible causes and introduce a tool that will make this very important repair an absolute must have.  Damage to the engine cylinders is a serious problem and once identified needs to be addressed immediately.

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Lisle 46700 Tie Rod Puller for Ford


Tie Rod logoCruising in your Ford truck music cranked and jammin’ to some tunes by Florida Georgia Line.   Swaying to the beat of the music, (you think) wow this truck has rhythm. But wait, the shimmy went out years ago, what on earth could that shimmy in the front end possibly be?  The steering wheel is shaking and you realize, it’s not the music or your seat dancing but a potential serious problem.  As a rule, besides uneven tire wear, one of the first signs that a tie rod is bad or starting to fail is “shimmying” or shaky steering wheel. This happens because the steering wheel is beginning to lose control with the wheels. The extra movement in a worn tie rod end can cause play that not only adds to over-all unresponsiveness of the steering; but is also dangerous because it can come completely apart.

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Lisle Ford Broken Spark Plug Remover LIS 65600

LIS65600Well, here’s one for all you Ford owners with a Triton 3 Valve Engine out there, yet another great American Made tool to talk about today. Unfortunately a common problem for 2004-2008 Ford Triton Engines are broken spark plugs. You take your vehicle in for a routine tune up,  of course this includes new spark plugs and you leave afterward with your wallet a lot lighter due to a busted spark plug and the costly repair to fix that.  Now,  the tool I am talking about here can almost be a busted spark plug hack. What do I mean?

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Lisle 50350 Side Winder Air Hose Reel

LIS50350Are you having to wrangle that air compressor hose every time you need to use it?  Well, do I have the sure fix for you. The Lisle Side Winder Air Hose Reel is a great addition to your air tool collection.  Now, the constant complaint I hear in regards to air compressor hoses is that they’re a pain to roll up and put away or, there are kinks or tight coils in the air hose. The kinks I would say is usually due from not being stored properly and this can cause damage to the air hose.  With that being said check out this (made in the USA) product. The LIS50350  Side Wider Hose Reel provides a large 10″ diameter reel to prevent kinks and other damage from being stored improperly.  Keeping the air hose coupler off the dirty shop floor will help to keep the inside of air tools clean.

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Lisle 60850 One Versatile Tool


I’ve always heard that having the right tool makes for a successful job.  With that being said, the Lisle 60850 Triple Square Bit Set is the one for you. Having trouble with those pesky triple square, splined head bolts?  No problem,  this set has multiple size bits needed for the task at hand. Hard to remove triple square brake caliper bolts have you stuck? Well here you go.  With 9 popular sized bits seated in a sleek handy vinyl holder to keep everything organized, you will always have the tool you need for the job. No more fumbling around searching the bottom of the tool box wondering where oh where did I put that bit?  I believe we’ve all done that a time or two.  The vinyl holder included will help prevent the ever so frustrating search for a lost bit,  a real time saver.   Metric bit sizes include 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16 and 18 mm bits. These tools and all Lisle Tools are made right here in the USA.  Continue reading for further highlights on this specialty bit tool set
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Made in the USA – Lisle Bearing Race Installer

Lisle Made in USA Bearing Race Installer
This is a quality set made by Lisle Tool corporation which only has USA made tools. I like that Lisle has kept their manufacturing facilities in the USA. Not too many successful tool companies have been able to make it without reducing costs by going overseas. Kudos to Lisle for that. This aluminum kit has softer components than the bearing races by design. You don’t want to mar the surface of the races where the bearings ride. If installing a bearing race in a brake rotor, I like to sit on the floor with my legs under me, thighs touching my calves. Then place the rotor on top of my legs. Then you can use a hammer, the shaft included in the kit with the closest fitting adapter and get a real feel for what the race is doing. Of course the top of the shaft will mushroom a little during normal use. This is normal and won’t hurt the function of the tool. If the driver end was too hard their would be a risk of chips flying and possibly injuring someone.

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